15,000 pcs per month

Production Capacity of well lit and air-conditioned/ventilated building segmented into various departments to conform to social compliance requirements equipped with all imported sewing and other machines.

  1. 16,000 sqft fully integrated factory
  2. Fully social compliant with ICS AND SEDEX certifications
  3. Technically compliant


Environment, Community, Safe Workplace

We adopt responsible practices and procedures to ensure that all aspects of business are conducted with utmost respect for the environment. We strongly believe that our people are the sanctum sanctorum of our competitiveness and supremacy.

We, therefore, ensures a safe, healthy and fair workplace for all of our people in formulating our business process, health and safety policies, standards and working procedures. We ensure continued personal development of our people by providing equality of opportunities and fairness in reward thus nurturing in them mutual trust and teamwork.


Ethical Behaviour

Ethical behaviour is intrinsic to the way we conduct our business. We observe highest levels of honesty, integrity and transparency in all our operations.